About Us

It starts with two sisters named Nhi and Vy. Nhi is adventurous and has a casual-comfortable approach to blend with her hectic lifestyle, and Vy is independent with a unique and fashion-forward sense of style. Nevertheless, both girls know how to glam for any special occasion.


Nhivy Jewelry was created for girls and women like Nhi and Vy. Depending on our mood, we like to be trendy, unique, or glamorous. For this reason, we have curated and carefully hand-crafted a selection of versatile and stylish accessories for the everyday you.


Meet the Designer

For me, jewelry has always been more than just an accessory. It is the object that can signify a moment, a special occasion, or the perfect finish to any ensemble.

Graduating from FIU, Miami International University of Art and Design, and Gemological Institute of America, along with my experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry has given me the confidence to finally pursue my dream of creating this collection. 

I hope that you follow me on this journey, and give me the opportunity to bring you what jewelry has given me; passion, excitement, and hopefully, an everlasting story.

- Kristin Vo, Designer & Founder